Travelling with the Remote Safari Company is travelling in remote areas and countries to offer you a unique experience. Get the vibes of Africa in the National Parks and enjoy the friendly people! We share our feeling with you and offer trips as active and adventurous as you want. Imagine being in a tented camp while the wildlife is around your tent or relax and enjoy some comfort in a lodge. Tanzania, Mozambique and Malawi are ready to be explored.

The Remote Safari Company is aware of the impacts of tourism on nature- and cultural sites we visit. We have the policy to make on our trips use of as many local products, organisations and locally owned accommodations as possible to support the communities. Within the boundaries of a National Park and/or Game Reserve we will follow their rules to respect the wildlife.

All our guides have extensive bush experience and will be able to explain all the secrets of the bush to you. In addition they are taught to lead safaris and through responsible behavior will be the key to your safari.